Renew license

Every calendar year you need a new parachute license, whether you are a student or a licensed jumper. Follow these instructions to apply for a license with associated membership in SFK. Getting your license can take some time, so renew IN GOOD TIME before jumping on the new calendar year

How to renew your license

You need to have money for the renewal in your jump account before applying for a license
  • To see how much money you have, log in to the BurbleMe app. Under Skydive Skåne -> Dropzone Functions -> Transaction History.
  • If you don't have BurbleMe follow this guide. Youtube Guide
  • If you are going to deposit money, pay into the club bankgiro or swish, MARKED WITH YOUR CERTIFICATE NR. Bankgirot / swish can be found at the bottom of ContactAfter you deposit money, wait until you see the money on your BurbleMe account, before moving on to the next step.
Surf to apply for your license.
  • Log in with your Cert number. Follow the instructions if you do not have a password. If you do not know your Cert number, ask a jumpers who have had their license for a while and they will look it up for you in skynet.
  • Be sure to choose the right club (SFK) and calendar year.
  • f you are a new jumper at SFK or are applying for a new entry, then send an email to nd tell who you are. If you applied for a new license, you must show to CI that you meet the requirements for the new license.
  • Please wait for CI, the treasurer and RI to review your application and approve it.

Local rules after the winter stay

Review SBF 402:19 to see what applies specifically to you regarding rehearsal jumps and first jump of the year. In addition to this there is also a local rule.

If you have a A-cert or lower, you should do a defrost, ie hang in a harness, roll and do a theory test. Defrosting takes place in groups at the beginning of the season at certain then advertised times. If you cannot then you must contact a course leader yourself.

Avgiften för 2024 är 3 200 kr