How do I pay?

You pay with card or Swish. We don't accept cash.

Do you pack the parachute yourself?

In the beginning you get help with the packing. After ca 20 packs you are authorized to take a course to be able to help new people with their packing.

Can you stay at the club?

Yes, we have many beds. If you take a course, it is free to stay over night.

How many jumps can you do in one day?

If the weather is good, a student can make 1-4 jumps. Some more experienced jumpers can do 8 jumps or more in one day.

Is it possible to buy food?

There is a small shop where you can buy breakfast and lunch with cash or Swish. We usually arrange supper together.

Can I breathe during freefall?

Ofcourse you can. However, some may experience difficulty breathing during freefall due to the high speed combined with having an open mouth and screaming like crazy. Closing your mouth and breathing through your nose will prevent you from doing this and if you still have problems, you can try cupping your hands in front of your nose and mouth and breathe as usual. Under parachute, we fly at the same speed as when you bicycle, and then it immediately becomes easy to breathe again.

Will there be a hard jerk when the parachute opens?

It is unusual for a tandem parachute to open with a hard jerk. Today, parachutes are designed in such a way that they should open softly. If you have back problems or skeletal injuries / illness, we recommend that you consult your doctor.

From what height do we jump from?

Usually 4000 meters.

How fast do you fall?

About 200 km/h. However, it varies slightly depending on body size and weight.

How long before do i have to be on spot?

You should arrive just before your appointment. But if you want to come earlier to watch skydivers or have a coffee, you are welcome. The drop zone opens at 09.00.

How should i dress?

Comfortable clothes and sneakers. Tight jeans are not recommended as it can reduce your mobility. You can borrow overalls from us.

Can I wear glasses or contact lenses?

Absolutely! Tell your instructor if you want glasses, and suitable goggles will be arranged for you.

How does the landing feel?

Several factors affect the landing. Most tandem landings are very soft. If the winds are right, we can stand up in the landing, otherwise you land seated softly.

What if i'm scared of heights?

Some may be hesitant to jump due to fear of heights. A parachute jump cannot be compared with standing on a ladder, bridge or a building. After take off, our feeling of height disappears quite quickly. 4 km above the ground, we have no references plus the fact that we move forward means that the fear of heights and vertigo disappears.

Will I be able to see my friend if we jump at the same time?

You will most likely see your friend leave the plane, but in freefall you have a separation of about 500 meters for safety reasons. Later, when you descend with the parachute unfolded, it becomes easier to see each other again.

May we film our jump by ourselves?

From the ground you can film as much as you want! In and outside the plane, only our own camera staff is allowed to film. This also applies to the landing area.

Can vi share video?

Two people can be filmed on the ground during the preparations, when jumping out of the plane, and possibly during landing. However, only one person can be filmed in freefall.

What is the best time for a jump?

It doesn't matter what time of day you jump, the experience is the same.

How far in advance do we need to book our jump?

The sooner the better to get the time you want, but it’s possible to book on short notice.

I loved to skydive! What do I do now?

For everyone who wants to start skydiving, we offer several courses every year. Go to the courses tab and find out which course that suits you!

Can you pay less if you only want one photo from the jump?

No. There are many different good pictures from the brief, exit, freefall and finally the landing; but above all, taking one picture is no less work than taking several. A taxi driver must charge the same amount regardless of whether there is only one passenger in the car or if it’s full. The work effort is the same.

My question was not answered here, how do I find out the answer?

We try to answer the most common questions here. If you didn’t got your question answered here, you can go to the contact tab and contact the appropriate person with your thoughts.